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'I'll Have The Beef With Viagra Sauce, Hold The Prescription'

October 22, 1999
I?ve warned you to stay away from such culinary aberrations as St. John?s wort Soup or Ginkgo-enriched snacks, but here?s one that really blows my mind ? a restaurant that served a Viagra sauce.

It sounds wild and wacky, but French health officials last year cracked down on a chef that served a $32 "Menu Viagra" at his restaurant in Thonon-les-Bains on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The chef, Jean-Louis Galland, featured a menu with "beef piccata in Viagra sauce with fig vinegar and fine herbs." One reason authorities raided the restaurant, arrested the chef and confiscated the Viagra was because drug hadn?t yet been approved in France and had been illegally smuggled in from Switzerland.

I see the chef has now been cleared of importing and using a banned drug, but the whole Viagra sauce affair outraged Pfizer, the manufacturer.

Of course medications ? or food supplements ? shouldn?t be put in any food recipe because there could be unforeseen consequences. Viagra is a prescription drug that is harmful to some men with certain health conditions.

Pfizer made these points but failed to mention that Viagra is really a recreational and lifestyle drug that can be easily obtained on the Internet. If health officials are so worried about the sex-enhancing drug showing up in a restaurant?s soup, shouldn?t they be even more concerned that anybody can buy it by simply going online and filling out a few forms?

Sexy sauces may be appealing, but for safety?s sake, if you?re going to try Viagra, get it with a prescription from your family doctor.

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